Who We ARe

Our brand was birth out of a desire to fuse in African wax print with our regular everyday wear, whether it's to work, college, or just chilling at home. We are on a mission to brighten people's lives by brightening their days, and we will accomplish this by brightening what they wear. The world has been filled with so much negativity in the past few months, and we would love to bring some positivity. We will show you how to fuse African fabric into your everyday looks and look fabulous while we are at it.

We also have a social purpose. For every item you buy on our website, it means that you are empowering a low-income woman in Africa and helping victims of domestic violence in Alberta, Canada.

Every week, we will release a vlog on how you can pair items with your everyday wear. please register for our newsletter and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see these videos.

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